WiFi vs Ethernet for Serious Gamers.

Why Ethernet is better than WiFi for gaming.

WiFi is great for streaming Netflix, YouTube and other online content. If you’re a gamer looking to connect your system to your friends or join a multiplayer game of the internet (CoD, Fortnite, Overwatch, Ect), then Ethernet is better than WiFi. This might be the right article if you’re looking for a faster way to stream HD movies or want extra bandwidth for playing games online with friends. So what’s the difference? And is Ethernet better than WiFi? Let’s find out.


Latency for WiFi is almost always worse than a wired connection.

Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from one point to another. High latency can be felt when moving around in-game or dodging attacks will have a slower response. Wireless signals can be delayed from objects in your environment — the signal gets “echoed” off nearby walls or other things that cause transmission delays.


Interference and signal quality is more difficult to control.

One of the best parts about gaming on Ethernet is that it doesn’t suffer from interference as much as WiFi does. This means you can be farther away from your router but enjoy better signal quality.

Ethernet is also better than WiFi for gaming because fewer devices use the same frequency: only one device at a time will connect to your network or access internet data. This means less congestion and smoother performance for everyone who uses that connection (which might include other gamers).


Ethernet will provide more consistent speed.

Ethernet is faster than WiFi because it’s consistent. If you have a good Ethernet connection, your games will play at full speed, no matter where you are in the house. With WiFi, however, this might be different.

Wireless networking has two main frustrations, interference and signal quality. These can both affect the speed of your data and give inconsistent results.


Ethernet can access the fastest speeds possible on your internet service.

The maximum speed of your connection is determined by the type of internet service you have. If you have a fibre optic connection, such as NBN fibre-to-the-premises, Ethernet can access the fastest speeds possible on your internet service.

If you’re using NBN fibre-to-the-node or cable internet, then Ethernet can still get pretty fast speeds in some cases, but congestion on the network can.


WiFi will be OK if you are a casual gamer, but if you are a power gamer, you need to have a wired connection.

WiFi is great for casual gamers because it’s always on and available. You can access it anywhere in your house or office without installing devices such as routers or modems. However, when it comes to gaming, there are some limitations to this type of technology. Your internet connection speed may need to be faster for playing high-end games where frame rates and latency are essential. This can show the delay between when something happens on screen and when that information gets processed.

The bottom line is that Ethernet is better than WiFi for gaming. If you want to play your games in the best possible way, use an ethernet connection instead of wireless internet.